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Community Collaboration: Bikes for Refugees



Our next repost is from our older Refugee Services blog. RIS thrives through partnerships and collaboration with various community organizations. One such collaboration was with the PedNet Coalition, a pedestrian and pedaling network that advocates building healthy and active communities. In March of 2011, PedNet donated bikes to RIS for an “Earn a Bike” program, which is explained in this Columbia Tribune article. Read about it below, or read the original here.


Calling all Mid-Mo residents, cycle enthusiasts, and fixed gear hipsters, Refugee and Immigration Services is teaming up with the PedNet Coalition to provide bikes to refugees!

refugees-and-refugee-garden-047Transportation can be a huge obstacle for our refugees attending English classes or beginning new jobs, and bikes are a great transportation alternative for refugees on limited budgets.  RIS will be collecting bikes and referring refugees to PedNet where PedNet workers will help teach refugees basic bike mechanics by helping them repair their own bikes and your donated bikes. As part of this program, refugees will receive a bike, helmets, and lights for their bikes to keep them safe and will receive instruction in how to safely ride their bikes in the community.

bike1So if your old bike just isn’t hip enough or your helmet isn’t aerodynamic enough, please consider donating it the RIS Program! We are willing to pick up any donated bike and of course, any donation is tax-deductible. Thanks so much for your consideration.

Not sure what PedNet is? Check out their awesome website here:


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