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A Refugee’s Journey




Every day, Refugee and Immigration Services, Catholic Charities, works to help those fleeing from war, persecution and tragedy in their native lands.  This work however, is just a very small part of a refugee’s long journey.

A refugee’s journey begins the moment they flee their home in search of refuge. Although they did not have a choice in uprooting their family, leaving their homes, possessions and literally their entire way of life, they did make a very brave decision to live.  In making that decision, they risked everything, knowing that, if caught, they would likely be subjected to rape, kidnap, or worse.

Upon leaving their homelands, refugees do not know what will lie ahead.  They only know that they will likely spend years enduring harsh conditions in refugee camps in neighboring countries.  They pray that they will be one of the few who will be granted refugee status and resettlement in a third country.  Some of these will then be accepted by the United States for resettlement in our country, through the help of voluntary agencies such as ourselves contracted through the federal government.

Prior to a refugee’s arrival, our office arranges housing and furnishings for them.  We then work with each refugee arrival from the day they arrive to the Columbia airport, making their resettlement process as comfortable as possible.

Without the daily work of Refugee and Immigration Services, refugees would not have access to the resources that make our area such a welcoming home and community.

Your support of Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri will help continue projects that live out the mission and work of our faith.  Like us on Facebook to keep up with events and news updates.  Thank you.


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