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Columbia Office

Senad Music — Office Manager (BIA Accredited)

P: (573) 442-7568 ext 117     E:

Senad has been working with RIS since August 1999. He began as a case manager but now oversees Refugee Resettlement in the Columbia office. As a BIA accredited representative, Senad provides assistance with immigration paperwork.

Solomon Hadera —  Case Manager

P: (573) 442-7568 ext 111     E:

Solomon began working with RIS in October 2012, though he was volunteering with the office long before then. Originally from Eritrea, he provides case management services for African refugees in our office.

Nadeem Ramiydh —  Case Manager

P: (573) 442-7568 ext 115     E:

Nadeem began working with RIS in November 2010. Originally from Iraq, Nadeem provides case management services to all Middle Eastern refugees in our office.

Yusuf Mohammed—  Case Manager

P: (573) 442-7568 ext 113     E:

Yusuf began working with RIS full time in January 2015. Before then, he worked as an RIS volunteer. Yusuf provides case management services to African refugees in our office.

Martha Quentin — Education Coordinator

P: (573) 442-7568 ext 114     E:

Martha began serving with our office in Jefferson City as a volunteer in 2001. She made the transition full time staff in our Columbia office in February 2006. While her roles have varied over time, Martha now connects refugees with education opportunities and works with the public school system to ensure enrollment for all school aged children. She also works with clients to provide private ELL classes for those who cannot attend Adult Learning Center classes.

Katie Freehling — Job Developer/Analyst

P: (573) 442-7568 ext 118     E:

Katie has been working with RIS since February 2013. As the Job Developer, she works with refugees to develop their job skills, create resumes and apply to jobs. Similarly, she serves as the Field Coordinator for Match Grant, a program geared to assist qualified refugees to achieve early self sufficiency. She also serves as the volunteer and outreach coordinator in the office.


Jefferson City Office

Lorna Tran — Executive Director (BIA Accredited)

P: (573) 632-0017 ext 1     E:

Lorna has been working with RIS since June 1981. She’s been here since the beginning! Currently, she oversees our program and operations as the Executive Director. She is also BIA accredited and provides immigration assistance.

Jeanne Robinette — Administrative Assistant

P: (573) 632-0017 ext 5     E:

Jeanne has been with RIS since November 2010. As the Administrative Assistant, she works to make everyone’s lives easier through organizing files, completing and filing reports and tracking finances.

Alice Loethen — Program Assistant (BIA Accredited)

P: (573) 632-0017 ext 2     E:

Alice has worked with RIS since September 1989. As one of our three BIA accredited staff, she provides immigration assistance through the office.