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Our First World Refugee Day Celebration

In celebration of our upcoming World Refugee Day Celebration next Saturday, we’re reposting an article about our first official World Refugee Day Celebration from June 2011. Click through the photo gallery and read the article below, and don’t forget to come to this year’s celebration on Saturday, July 20!


Community Collaboration: Bikes for Refugees

Our next repost is from our older Refugee Services blog. RIS thrives through partnerships and collaboration with various community organizations. One such collaboration was with the PedNet Coalition, a pedestrian and pedaling network that advocates building healthy and active communities. In March of 2011, PedNet donated bikes to RIS for an “Earn a Bike” program, which is explained in this Columbia Tribune article. Read about it below, or read the original here.


New Starts, New Beginnings: The Refugee Garden

While we work on the site, we will be reposting posts and content from our previous RIS blogs. This first post is from the Columbia Refugee Garden Blog, which tracked the beginning and growth of our community garden. This post, the blog’s first, was from September 28, 2009 and introduced the fledgling project. Read it below or at the original site.